News Catch-up

It’s been way too long since the last post, so it’s catch-up time! The last year (OK, the last 13 months) has flown by but has been action-packed. People First, I want to welcome some new personnel to the lab. Angela Hornsby joined us as a postdoc in January after defending her Ph.D. at the University […]

What the McGlothlin Lab did this summer

It’s been a busy summer so far in the McGlothlin Lab. So busy, in fact, that I managed to let most of June and all of July slip by without an update. So here goes! First, two weeks ago, the lab bid farewell to our postdoc, John Abramyan. John recently accepted a position at University of Michigan-Dearborn, […]

Snake work in the Washington Post

Rachel Feltman, who writes the Washington Post’s Speaking of Science Blog, has written a nice article on our snake work. Rachel perfectly summed up the interaction between snakes and newts as “an arms race so old snakes actually had arms when it started.”

Snakes and newts in the Atlantic

Ed Yong has published this excellent article in the Atlantic, which explains the work in our new Current Biology paper better than I could. The subtitle summarizes it perfectly: “The two have been locked in an evolutionary arms race since before they even existed.” And check out that photo caption.

New paper on toxin resistance in snakes

Our new paper on the evolution of toxin resistance in snakes has now been published online in Current Biology. This paper is the result of a fairly large collaboration, including 11 authors from Virginia to the Netherlands. Major thanks go to Megan Kobiela, who did the lion’s share of the bench work for this paper. In […]

New paper on hormones and integration

A new paper on hormones and integration, written with Bob Cox and Fran Bonier, is now available for download from Intergrative and Comparative Biology. This is a conceptual overview, with a sneak peek of some new data that should be published soon. It will be part of a special issue in the journal based on a […]

Looking for a new postdoc

Our postdoc John Abramyan will be moving on to a faculty position this fall. (Alas, this is what happens when you hire good people!) Therefore, I’m looking for a new postdoc to work on our voltage-gated sodium channel project. Apply here if you’re interested, and please spread the word!

Interfaces of Global Change Research Symposium

Both Tamara and Julie attended the first annual Interfaces of Global Change Graduate Research Symposium sponsored by the VT Global Change Center last Friday. In addition to presenting their research, they got a chance to interact with Josh Tewksbury, Colorado Global Hub director of Future Earth and this year’s GCC Distinguished Lecturer. Images courtesy @globalchangevt

No bird like the Snowbird

Snowbird, a new book edited by my Ph.D. advisor, Ellen Ketterson, and former labmate Jonathan Atwell, is now available for purchase from University of Chicago Press. This book is a detailed review of decades of work by Ellen and others on the plucky little junco. I was involved in a couple of chapters that provide a […]